18 April 2015

Dream Interpretation: Balloons

When we dream of balloons it usually has one or more meaning.  Balloons can represent your love life or hopes and dreams.  If you so happen to be holding on to a bunch of balloons means that you are very proud of your achievements.

To see balloons in your dream indicate declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love.

To dream of a balloon represents a situation that gives you a cause to celebrate or rejoice. Uplifting of your spirit or enjoying a lack of restrictions. Acknowledging or noticing that something good has happened. Feeling good about noticing yourself getting what you wanted. Enjoying yourself realizing a goal or getting what you feel you deserve. Liking compliance or co-operation you are getting after not having it. 

Alternatively, balloons may represent relief you feel that a problem has gone away. 

To dream of a helium balloon represents situations that give you a cause to celebrate or rejoice all on their own. Automatic compliance or self-governance that feels good to notice happening. Liking yourself effortlessly getting what you want or feel you deserve. Feeling good noticing a problem going away on its own or failing itself. Enjoying full compliance or co-operation after not having it.

11 April 2015

Hillsborough Street

Live and Local: Earth Day on Hillsborough Street - Promo Video

You all just don't know how much I miss this place.